Our Mission

Throughout Jewish History we find the placement of a stone upon the burial place of one who has passed away. For example, we find by our Patriarch Jacob placed a tombstone upon Rachel's grave.

The purpose of laying a stone is out of respect for the deceased and to properly designate the location of the grave so that family and friends can visit.

Unfortunatly, as time passes, many older cemeteries get forgotten and as families move away many times no one is  able to visit the cemetery on a Yahrtzeit or before a holiday.

Our goal is to provide that service, to have a Chapter of Psalms and a prayer recited on behalf of a loved one at their gravesite.

This service is being provided for the Jewish Cemeteries in the near-West suburbs of Chicago including Waldheim Cemetery, Menorah Gardens, Zion Gardens and others.

If you would like someone to visit a cemetery for a Yahrtzeit or Holiday, please complete the  request form . A contribution is suggested for this service.

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