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Known to many simply as “the Rebbe,” Rabbi Menachem M.
Schneerson assumed leadership of the Chabad Lubavitch
movement in 1950, when it consisted of a small group of
European refugees struggling to rebuild their lives after the war.
Over the next four decades, the Rebbe established a worldwide
network of educational, social, and religious institutions.
Under his leadership, from a band of survivors, Chabad grew
into a global movement that moved out of the shadow of the
Holocaust and embraced a new future and a new world. One of
the foremost Jewish leaders of our time, the Rebbe embraced
all Jews, regardless of their beliefs or affiliation, and touched
the lives of countless individuals across the social spectrum.
Despite his passing in 1994, his legacy continues to live on
through his teachings and through the work of his emissaries
whom he charged with bringing the light of Judaism to every
corner of the globe.

The Rohr JLI has undertaken the important task of bringing
the Rebbe’s intellectual and spiritual legacy to the thousands of
students who attend its courses worldwide. The release of the
course, Paradigm Shift: Transformational Life Teachings of the
Lubavitcher Rebbe, coincides with the 20th anniversary of the
Rebbe’s passing. In a series of carefully crafted and tactfully
presented lessons, the Rebbe’s philosophy is deconstructed and
explored from a sweeping range of views, and is then skillfully
rebuilt to showcase the Rebbe’s insights into life and his
profound messages that so resonate with mankind.

The course addresses the following questions: What are the
Rebbe’s central teachings and contributions to Judaism and
society? What was his understanding of the human being and
what were his aspirations for humanity? What accounts for the
continued success of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement? And
most importantly—how can we apply these insights toward
living a more purposeful life? 

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